Shodaime Hokage

Name: Senju HashiramaEdit

Alias: Shodaime

Description: Shodaime helped create the vilage hidden in the leafs. He is specialized in tree based techniques that no one else can copy. He is also the great grandfather of Tsunade.


Starting Hp: 601

Starting Mp: 299

Starting Attack: 46 - 56

Starting Armor: 2

Attack Range: 100

Attack Speed: Fast

Movement Speed: 300

Str: 24 + 2.55

Agi: 14 + 1.5

Int: 23 + 1.9


Skill 1: (W) Mokuton: Fukoshu SenbonEdit

Spell Target: Ground

Spell Type: AOE

Spell Damage: Physical

Description: The user transforms the bark of trees into slivers and throw them towards the enemies. Each tree deals 20 piercing damage.

Level 1: Has a 290 AOE.

Level 2: Has a 360 AOE.

Level 3: Has a 430 AOE.

Level 4: Has a 500 AOE.

Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130 mana.

Duration: 7 seconds (all levels).

CoolDown: 20 seconds (all levels).


Skill 2: (E) Raise ForestEdit

Spell Target: Unit

Spell Type: N/A

Spell Damage: N/A

Description: By manipulating plants to grow suddenly, the first hokage can sprout a ring of trees around the enemy to prevent the enemy from running away.

Level 1: Trees last for 3 seconds.

Level 2: Trees last for 3.75 seconds.

Level 3: Trees last for 4.5 seconds.

Level 4: Trees last for 5.25 seconds.

Mana Cost: 90/100/110/120 mana.

Duration: 3/3.75/4.5/5.25

CoolDown: 17 seconds (all levels).


Skill 3: Kouba No OriEdit

Spell Target: N/A

Spell Type: Passive

Spell Damage: N/A

Description: By releasing chakra in the surrounding region, small plants around the are can rapidly grow and entangle near by enemies slowing them down.

Level 1: Slows by 6%.

Level 2: Slows by 12%.

Level 3: Slows by 18%.

Level 4: Slows by 24%.

Mana Cost: N/A

Duration: N/A

CoolDown: N/A


Skill 4 (Ultimate): (T) Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Koutan BakuhaEdit

Spell Target: Ground

Spell Type: AOE

Spell Damage: Magical

Description: By using the first hokage blood-line limit, the first hokage can rapidly grow trees out of the ground on any surface creating a dense forest. Hashirama will then explode the trees harming any enemies nearby. Each tree deals 50 damage in a small AOE.

Level 1: Creates a Small forest.

Level 2: Creates a Medium forest.

Level 3: Creates a Large forest.

Mana Cost: 200/275/350 mana.

Duration: Untill all trees have exploded (unknown)

CoolDown: 120/100/80 seconds.