There are many heros in NWU and because there are so many we need to restrict them to different taverns. There are many taverns but in general there are four "good guys" taverns and four "bad guys" taverns. The "good guys" are currently fighting in the 4th shinobi war on the Shinobi alliance side (other than Asuma Sarutobi) while the "bad guys" are fighting on on the Akatsuki's side.The Taverns for Shinobi Alliance consist of the Former Kage Tavern, Konoha Tavern, Konoha Elite Tavern, and the Shinobi Alliance Tavern. The Taverns for Akatsuki consist of the Otogakure Tavern, Missing-Nin Tavern, Akatsuki Tavern, and Akatsuki Elite Tavern.